Barnes and Nobles Nook

The Barnes & Noble Nook is another famous brand of eReaders with first release in 2009. The competition with Kindle came from the fact that the first Nook had Wi-Fi and 3G and also a little color touchscreen. The touchscreen functionality was questioned in number of the reviews I read while choosing my eReader, so let’s say this didn’t help in sales. The low price, however, combined with the Wi-Fi did help and Nook was very close to Kindle for certain period of time. After the release of Kindle 3, however, Nook was out-competed severely. Mostly because of the price of Kindle, which is currently ~$130. The new Nook Color is announced for Nov. 19 2010 and it will offer full color display. 

The original Nook also has E Ink display, while the new Color Nook will have larger LCD Display. For me, the LCD display is kind of a disadvantage, since the E Ink is much gentler to the eye. Not to mention that color E Ink is being developed. The navigation of the old Nook is trough the color touchscreen while pages are turned with buttons on both sides of Nook.  According to their review, the battery of the old Nook could stay up for 10 days without wi-fi but that’s way behind Amazon’s 1 month!

Good sides are the MicroSD memory slot and also the replaceable battery but then, one would ask is this supposed to mean that the batter will go dead before one decides to upgrade. Nook also includes web-browser and additionally games,   dictionary and audio player. Even speakers!

Supported formats are PDB, EPUB (with or without DRM) and PDF. Also mp3, ogg, jpg, png and gif.

Another interesting features are the “LendMe” function allowing to share books and also the discounts and special content from the Barnes & Noble stores.

The Nook also has software support for different platforms and devices.

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