eReaders vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

As promised, I will share my impressions on Samsung Galaxy Tab. In the previous post, I discussed Apple iPad. As I said there and then I was very disappointed by the whole look and feel of the iPad. It’s shiny and sweet and colorful, but as an eReader it sucks. It’s heavy and it’s back-lit and I can’t imagine myself reading for hours on it. It’s good, however, for scientific pdf-s, or technical manuals or textbooks. First because it has color, second because it has much bigger screen and third, because it has multitouch, which allows you to easily zoom in and out of sections you’re interested in. Great for figures or small text. I was extremely surprised, when I spoke with a guy at the dentist waiting room, who also thought that the iPad is HEAVY. I mean, I’m a girl, it’s normal to be heavy for me. But for him?! So, obviously, I’m not the only one who noticed that. And if you search the Net, you’ll find that many people share my opinion.

Anyway, today’s issue is dedicated to Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile)

Ok, I loved it. I completely utterly fell in love with it. Seriously. It’s small. It’s light. It’s cute. It’s sexy. And it’s not very expensive. Well, it’s more expensive than a normal eReader, but still, it’s a great great present. Anyone?

Seriously. It’s a great gadget. It’s smaller than the iPad (only 7in) and also lighter. It has amazing color screen which is very responsive to the touch. It has Android, which can be good or a bad thing, depending on how much you love or hate Google. Basically, it can be a great eReader for certain types of books. You can also play games on it and do whatever else you can do on an Android phone. You can also use it as a phone and it has camera. I played a little with it, it’s very quick to react and from what I’ve tried, everything worked flawlessly. And unlike with normal eReaders, you can use the whole armory of Android applications, which is quite cool.

Having said all that, it has one setback. It’s major advantage – its great screen, is also its major disadvantage. Just like with iPad, it’s back-lit, so its LCD display will make your eyes extremely unhappy if you read for hours. True, people get used to LCD screens, I can read on my laptop for hours, but if you want to read for pleasure,  it’s no comparison for the E Ink eReaders. True, it’s a lovely gadget, one that I really really want to buy. But it’s too big for a phone and too bright for am eBook. I guess it’s best for games and multimedia experience. But it’s not what I want from an eReader. And also, I’m not sure how much its battery lasts.

For me, the perfect gadget is one with two types of screens – LCD for multimedia and E INK for reading. I know I want too much, but hey, we have to aim high in our dreams.

My conclusion is that Samsung Galaxy Tab is adorable, but if you want to read eBooks, it’s best to buy an eReader. If you want to browse the net and to play games and to do whatever you do with your phone on bigger screen, but yet one that you can carry in your pocket or purse, then buy Samsung Galaxy Tab. You won’t regret it! Because it’s simply adorable.


– Carriers: Available now from T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless; coming soon to AT&T and U.S. Cellular

– Operating system: Android 2.2 (Froyo)

– Price: $400 with two-year contract from T-Mobile or Sprint, $600 from Verizon or $699 from Amazon

– Weight: 13.58 ounces/384 grams (!!!)

– Size: 4.74-by-.47-by-7.48 inches

– Screen: 7-inch WSVGA display; 1024×600 pixels

– Camera: 3-megapixel rear-facing with LED flash, 1.3 megapixel front-facing; 720p video recording

– Storage: 16GB microSD preinstalled, expandable up to 32GB

In short – Samsung Galaxy Tab is simply great. Me wants.

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