E Ink in color?

You don’t like your lovely eReader in black and white. Well, then, soon it will be also in color. Look at the following very exciting news I found.

E Ink, maker of Kindle display, to offer color

November 9, 2010 By DANA WOLLMAN , AP Technology Writer

E Ink Corp., the company that makes the black-and-white display for Amazon.com Inc.’s Kindle, said it will begin selling screens that also show colors.

The new technology, called E Ink Triton, displays 16 shades of gray, along with thousands of colors. As with other E Ink displays, people should be able to read it anywhere without having to squint.

Amazon did not immediately respond to inquiries Tuesday on whether that means a color is coming.

Amazon has said that although it hasn’t ruled out color E Ink displays, the technology isn’t yet ready for prime time.

The first with a color E Ink screen will come from Chinese manufacturer Hanvon. The e-reader will have a display that measures 9.7 inches diagonally, and readers will be able to get online through either Wi-Fi or a 3G cellular connection. It is expected to go on sale in China for about $440.source

How cool is this?! I’m not sure how important color is for an eReader since the main idea of the eReader is to be just like a book. True, there are books in color – like books for children, but is this essential for adults? As long as we talk about a normal book and not a textbook or a magazine, not at all.

But imagine the perspective that will uncover when it comes to use. You can color figures in your eBook (ok, not you, but your children), you can have eMagazines or even eNewspapers where the sexy girl from the sports page will be in color. You can read textbooks or scientific articles in color. It is progress. So I approve.

Someone pointed that the color won’t be the same like on a computer screen or iPad. well, it doesn’t have to be. This is an eReader. An electronic book. Not a computer. And just like normal books, you don’t expect them to show you videos. You expect from them to read without recharging every day and without the annoying glare and back-light of LCD displays. Well then, that’s precisely what you’ll get.

Can’t wait for the new color eReaders to come. I know that Nook offers color eReader, but they don’t ship in Europe so. Sony, I’m waiting!

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